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Entrust your health and recovery to our dedicated team at Colorectal Practice today.
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We are dedicated to providing tailored and effective colorectal care that you and your family can count on.
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Colorectal Health
Safeguarding Your Colorectal Health
Our colorectal clinic in Singapore believes in providing seamless and all-rounded care for our patients.
Patients are cared for by our team of specialist colorectal surgeons accredited by the Ministry of Health (Singapore). They also bring with them global experiences from the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, Japan, and Singapore.
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Embark on a seamless and supportive journey to better colorectal health.
At Colorectal Practice, we believe that every patient deserves accessible and effective care.
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Featured Services
Piles Surgery
Piles Surgery
Experiencing pain, itching, bleeding, and a lumpy feeling at the anus? Don’t ignore it!
This could be caused by piles, also known as haemorrhoids, which occurs when blood vessels in and around the anus have become enlarged and inflamed. 
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Are you above 50 years old, or have history of polyps or colorectal cancer? It may be time for a colonoscopy!
A colonoscopy is a quick and painless screening procedure that can detect even precancerous changes to keep cancer at bay. 
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Are you experiencing
the following symptoms?
These symptoms could be indicative of an underlying problem affecting the colon and/or rectum. If you notice any of these, seek prompt medical attention as symptoms may worsen if left untreated.
Rectal bleeding
Changes in stool colour
Unexplained weight loss
Persistent change in bowel habits
Bulge in the abdominal or groin area
Persistent abdominal pain and distention
Pain, itching and swelling in the anus/rectum
A committed team of colorectal specialists
With a combined specialist experience of over 30 years, our dedicated team of doctors work together to effectively diagnose, treat, and manage a full spectrum of colorectal conditions.
Bringing Affordable Care To You
Our colorectal clinic partners with most insurance providers to make specialist medical care accessible to all, so you can focus on what matters most―your health and recovery.
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We Listen. We Treat. We Care.
Entrust your health and recovery to our dedicated team at Colorectal Practice today. From prompt consults to treatment and recovery, we are committed to seeing you through to a better quality of life.
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With a comprehensive network of clinics in Singapore, we stand ready to help you achieve optimal colorectal health.
3 Mount Elizabeth, #12-14 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510