About Dr Dennis Koh - Colorectal Surgeon

Dr Dennis Koh

Dr Dennis Koh

Medical Director & Colorectal

MBBS (Nottingham),
MMed (Surg)
BMedSci (Nottingham),

Dr Dennis Koh is a fully qualified and trained general surgeon, with subspecialty training in Colorectal Surgery. He is currently the Medical Director and Senior Consultant Surgeon at Colorectal Practice.

Colorectal Surgeon, Dr Koh graduated from University of Nottingham, UK. Prior to obtaining his medical degrees, Dr Koh also took a year off and obtained a Bachelor in Medical Science. He further his medical education and embarked on his surgical training in Singapore.

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About Colorectal Practice

At Colorectal Practice, we provide a comprehensive list of screening services, diagnostic tools and treatment options to manage colorectal issues, from piles to colorectal cancer. Managed by experienced colon surgeon Dr Dennis Koh, our specialties lie in laparoscopic surgery, single-port surgery, robotic surgery and transanal endoscopic procedures. All our treatment plans are specifically tailored to suit each individual patient. Call 6262-1226 to arrange for a detailed consultation today.